They always believe that a small business can and should have a positive impact on the environment, community and society. Therefore, since its establishment, Dat Phu team has oriented to become a responsible company by applying ESG indicators in business management.



Accompanying the Vietnamese government in bringing the prime minister's net emissions to "zero" by 2050 at the United Nations COP26, Dat Phu has been and will continue to implement:

Environmentally friendly materials - 70% of the packaging used in Dat Phu is environmentally friendly products and will reach 90% by 2025.

Reusable: Product packaging is beautifully designed, scientific, convenient for reuse.

“Please Sort & Recycle Me” - A call-to-action message for sorting and recycling is attached to every Dat Phu product.



Every day we go to work, we hope to do two things: Share great agricultural products with friends and Dat Phu's success is always linked to the success of farmers and partners. Therefore, we are committed to a safe working environment, supporting farmers and partners with practical actions:

Invest in machinery and equipment to produce products, share costs with farmers.

Empower employees to succeed, promote learning and growth, ensure fair, equitable processes & professional working environment

Accompanying the volunteer program "Small Vietnamese Ambassador Summer Camp" organized annually by Vietnam High Quality Goods Business Association & Startup Innovation Club.



Integrity is a core value and a guiding principle of governance in decisions and actions in the workplace. Dat Phu is committed to doing business in a fair, open, honest and transparent manner. All work carried out is subject to the highest ethical standards.